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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Post Show (4-14-05)

Big Rise Above Thanks to Miguel, Howie, Willis, Justin and all the great staff at The Howlin Wolf for helping us realize this dream. I know I can speak not only for us but for many in the audience when I say what a wildly nostalgic experience the show was.

I wore an old Destitute Savior shirt on stage that really tripped a lot of people out when they saw it…again…wildly nostalgic all around. Nickleshot were tight and brought some heavy shit. They have a younger following. Most of them didn’t stay to see the whole show. Back in the day, kids stayed to the end of the show…the party after and then sometimes the morning after. Not to commit sociology here, but it’s interesting how many of todays fans go to see the band they know and that’s it. Before I Hang started all the ass kicking, however. They had opened for my previous band a little over a year ago. I’m sure we’ll be doing a Mississippi show with those kick ass country boys in the near future.

The following night we played to a small audience supporting the local band, Gang of Creeps. They were great guys and we had a good old sloppy time on stage. The Gang of Creeps were floored by how long we were able to sustain the same level of intensity and energy throughout the set.Not bad for a bunch of guys between 32 and 38 years old.As is our custom, we ended the set with an original tune, written by our guitarist, Scott Walle, called “Bring Out Your Dead”. It’s a real in-your-face, instantly gratifying series of riffs and gang vocal parts…an instant classic in my opinion.We were all getting into it so much that Scott’s cord ripped out of his axe during the solo and by some magical insanity, the feedback actually fit perfectly in there. He started to attack the guitar like a rampaging gorilla with the loose cord in one hand and the guitar in the other as the small crowd roared.We were all laughing our asses off.

Again, thanks to everyone that came out and and keeping it real. On the other hand, you posers out there that didn’t come out…especially those who were involved in the 80’s New Orleans hardcore scene back in the day…fuck you…you missed out…BIG TIME.

A few people were video taping and taking pictures. As soon as I get any of that stuff, I’ll post it here and it will reside in the April 2005 archives thereafter.