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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Last night we played a pre show crab boil for the COC, Crowbar, Alabama Thunderpussy, Suplects show. Some of the people in attendence were, COC's Pepper, Woody,and their new drummer(Sorry, I never got his name, Really cool down to Earth dude.), The legendary DAVE CHANDLER from ST.VITUS, Jimmy Bower(do I even need to mention what bands he's in or been in?), Danny Nick of suplects(and Large Traffic Orange Juice), Brian from ATP, just to mention a few. I really want to thank Chet for hooking the whole thing up. A thousand thank you's for believing in us and our vision to bring back the OLD SCHOOL ATTITITUDE! The crab's were DELICIOUS!! WE HAD A BLAST! The show was great. Suplects, as usual, tore it up. In my opinion, one of the best bands in N.O. period. ATP rocked the mother fucking house, their singer has an incredible set of pipes.It was my first time seeing them live, not my last. Crowbar!! What can you say? the heaviest band on the planet end of story. Big ups to Pat(bass player), Not only cool as hell, but that dude must have the best t-shirt collection ever. Last night he was sporting a Nuclear Assault, HANG THE POPE shirt!!! That's OLD SCHOOL!! I hadn't seen COC live since before Pepper joined the band. Those dudes kick ass. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. Hope to see alot more old schoolers and the converted at the next show, SATURDAY JULY 23 @ the HOWLIN WOLF!!!

photos by Lyle Ratliff

July 23rd at the Howlin Wolf

We'll be playing Saturday, July 23rd at the Howlin Wolf with guests Crawfish Fossil. That's 828 South Peters (504) 522-WOLF.

C.O.C Crab Boil

We had a great time yesterday. Playing for Dave Chandler, Woody Weatherman and Mike Dean was really one of the highlights of my musical life. They really dug the shit out of our stuff. The crabs were great too. Special thanks to Chet. A photographer working for Revolver snapped a few of us jamming ...thanks Lyle. Until then...until then...

Saturday, June 25, 2005


What a great show! Thanks to all who came out. It really was a great turnout. Big ups to Gary and Jay for making it. Were about to load up as I write this for a little crab boil with the C.O.C. boys...should be a blast. Special thanks to Dirtnap for a putting on a great performance as well. Also big, big ups to Noel! We've got a lot of shows coming up soon...more on that later. Til then...until then....Rise Above!

Friday, June 03, 2005


The 17th show will have FREE BEER! You can't pass that up. Dirtnap will be opening up too. Be there.